Data formats and quality options

Four different quality levels are available for download: The range is from thumbnail (256 x 256 pixel maximum size in RGB format) to the unscaled original file. Article images as well as other product images contain a clipping path that can be used with all professional DTP programs.

All data can be downloaded individually or put together in a pinboard and downloaded in a ZIP package.

Filters and search options


All illustrations are categorised according to technology and functions, according to design lines, according to colours and according to media type. You can use all categories as filters and combine them. You can also combine the filters with the full text search.

Full-text search

If you use the search text input, an "AND" search is carried out by default, i. e. the search result consists only of entries containing all specified words.

As a search option, you can choose whether selected filter options (categories) should be combined with the search text, or whether the selected filters should be ignored. You can also search for discontinued articles and for historical articles. The default setting is not to display discontinued items and historical items.

Boolean operators

By prefixing the signal word "bool" you can perform a search with boolean operators.

bool +esprit +glass
All illustrations of Gira Esprit in glass.

bool +esprit -glass
All illustrations Gira Esprit, excluding glass cover frames.

bool +esprit +(glass aluminium)
All illustrations of Gira Esprit in glass or aluminium.

bool +esprit +(glass aluminium) +pure +white
All illustrations with of Gira Esprit with glass or aluminium cover frames, each in combination with pure white.

Article numbers

If you only enter a multi-digit number as search text, a search for Gira article numbers is automatically carried out. When searching for article numbers you can use the wildcard operators * (wildcard for several characters) and ? (placeholder for a single character).

All pictures of 1-gang frames

All pictures of System 106 stainless steel components

Picture numbers

You can search for an image number by prefixing it with a colon.


List search

If you are looking for article illustrations for many different article numbers, you can perform a list search:
Create a text file containing one article number per line and upload the file in the list search. Add the found hits to the selected pinboard (e. g. "New List Search").

This function is only available for registered users.